Hello, my name is Herlygenes, I live in Curitiba – Brasil and I am a music producer with more than 18 years of experience. I’m also a computer programmer.

I've been working on music and sound effects in computer games for the last few years, as partner of many companies. You can hear some of my work here.

In my recent projects I worked as sound designer and programmer, writing codes in PHP, C# and, creating and managing databases with mySQL as well.

In my free hours I've been coding my own middleware API for interaction with many sound engines in game development environments using C++. You can download the last release of this API thru this link.

I currently work in my own company, the "Sujeito do Som" (Sound Guy in english), providing sound tracks and sound effects for games and publicity.

In case you want to make contact for any reason please send me an e-mail on contato@sujeitodosom.com 

Thank you very much for visit my page and if you can, take some time to listen some of my tracks.

Herlygenes Pinto         
Sound designer and programmer
Jan 14, 2014