Here are some of the projects in which I've participated. My role in these projects was quite varied, sometimes performing as producer, sometimes as musician and other times as recording engineer, mixing or mastering so, I wrote a small release giving explanations about each one. I'll add some older works when time allow me to.

QUEPASA is a social network aimed at latin america audiences wich in early 2011 opened a developing games studio for social networks, the QUEPASA GAMES BRAZIL. Here I work as sound designer and coordenator of the creative team of audio assets for the games developed here. Our current project is the Cidade Maravilhosa Rio, available in social networks: QUEPASA, Orkut and Facebook. Here are some tracks created by me for the game.

All tracks in the playlist above are my creations, with the very special participation of my friends Fábio Hess and Idinilson Oliveira.

TECHFRONT - Brazilian game development studio for the casual audience, it was my kick-start in the video game market. I had the pleasure of working on several projects with which I learned a lot. My time in service on Techfront was since 2006 til the end of 2010. Here are some tracks that I created for them.

Satisfashion Original Games Sound Track by sujeitodosom

Eye For Design Original Game Sound Track by sujeitodosom

Pakoombo Original Game Sound Track by sujeitodosom

Rubik's Cube Original Game Sound Track by sujeitodosom

The Three Stooges Original Game Sound Track by sujeitodosom

Burger Island 2 Original Game Sound Track by sujeitodosom

Burger Island Original Game Sound Track by sujeitodosom

Ana Paula da Silva - Contos em Cantos

I have no words to describe the satisfaction on working closely with Ana. She is a musician of unique quality and a wonderful person.
"Contos em cantos" is a CD with music and children's stories filled with elements of Brazilian folklore.
In this work I was recording engineer, mixing and mastering.

The first time I met Decio, I was recording the CD of Soulution Orchestra. He was the guitar player of the band. He expressed interest in recording his solo album with me and the result was a job very well commented in Brazilian Blues circuit. He is an accomplished guitarist, a true bluesman. From this work came our friendship that continues today. I did the recording, mixing, mastering and also recorded some pianos.

Zé Rodrigo: CD Electric Soul

My partnership with Zé Rodrigo was one of the most promising while I was studio owner. He is an exceptional singer and a show man. It was great to have known and worked with a guy so articulated.
I produced and directed some of the tracks on that disc, recorded some instruments and mixed part of the disk too. The track in the playlist has the participation of my good friend Fernando Dedos, musician and arranger, with his beautiful solo Rhodes.